Horseshoe bay resort realty that specializes in exclusive luxury commercial and residential properties.


  • Outline the site flow and organize data to make the website easy to navigate
  • Creative direction to look and feel of brand
  • Grow outreach through improved user experience
  • Project deadline: 5 weeks

TOOLS USED: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch

ROLE: Lead Designer


As seen here in the before scenes, the information was not streamlined nor did it convey the luxurious ‘vacation’ lifestyle the brand prides itself to be. The content was all there but needed to be tailored for a better user experience in keeping with the current industry design trends.

I started the project with the vision of creating a story for the brand. The whole website was designed with simple, elegant and functional elements that would speak to the ideal users. All sections of navigation were structured to display the unique brand identity for the company.

The intent of the project was to create an elegant and functional design to attract and retain target audience. I was able to successfully create a unique brand identity complete with font selection, typeface,color palette, buttons and images.